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Nightmare Star and Nightmare Moon.
nightmare + nightmare = happy butt-squishing time.


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suggestive (116408)artist:mercurial64 (337)nightmare moon (15231)nightmare star (734)alicorn (170129)pony (724050)animal print underwear (14)butt squish (67)clothes (366049)dock (39140)drool (20563)drool string (4596)ethereal mane (5019)female (785837)flower pattern underwear (209)frilly underwear (3843)glowing eyes (8766)incest (11352)lesbian (84176)looking at each other (13207)mare (351107)moonbutt (2738)panties (42454)princest (1894)purple underwear (1789)raised tail (11909)royal sisters (3380)shipping (168496)sunbutt (3211)tail (15434)tail aside (868)tongue out (78226)underwear (50805)white underwear (2889)


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Lovely panties they got.
The bat panties are better because there’s much more things going on. The white ones do have frills, but that’s all there is.
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