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wonderful nuclear winter

this is a commemoration of last Christmas

no toques la nieve
safe (1340379)artist:wheatley r.h. (51)oc (484996)oc:axóchitl (4)oc:daddy red (2)oc:flowing notes (5)oc:flutexia (2)oc:flutilla (2)oc:mr. bleachy (2)oc:nifarergy (3)oc:omega(alfa) (6)oc only (345780)oc:rito (60)oc:sentry towel (2)oc:spot light (87)oc:sturdy diablo (17)oc:wheatley ii (12)oc:zaincard (5)oc:zoey gallade (9)3d glasses (196)blindfold (3197)bottle (2729)castle crashers (16)christmas (9061)christmas tree (2601)clothes (327473)cup (4100)dinosaur (930)doctor who (2736)drink (3449)earth pony (125298)edward gorey (3)fez (446)flower (16480)gallade (11)gem (3731)gibus (13)glass (3065)hat (57769)holiday (10183)implied chrysalis (133)male (230308)megasupertacoman (6)melted (33)mountain (3336)necktie (4797)pine tree (197)pokémon (7183)pony (607152)scarf (16350)shadow (2795)shark hat (4)sign (2840)size difference (9468)snow (10305)snowfall (3773)snowman (415)sonic screwdriver (459)stallion (63615)the gashlycrumb tinies (1)toy (18688)tree (20017)umbrella (1870)vector (62863)waldo (37)watermark (11790)yellow eyes (686)yoshi egg (29)

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