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The Fallout 4 perks poster, adapted for Fallout: Equestria. Special thanks to all the Knoxville Bronies/Nashville Bronies members who provided OCs to help fill in the chart.

A 300 DPI version of the poster is also available here: drive.google.com/open?id=11Rlb…
Permission is granted to print a copy for personal use only.

Cast of characters:
Strength: Applejack
Perception: Pinkie Pie
Endurance: Spike
Charisma: Rarity
Intelligence: Twilight Sparkle
Agility: Rainbow Dash
Luck: Murky (Murky Number 7)

Lv 1
Iron Hoof: Xenith (FoE)
Pickpocket: Birch (OC)
Toughness: Rampage (Project Horizons)
Cap Collector: Charity (Project Horizons)
S.A.N.S. (Stabletec Assisted Navigational Spell): Sans (<font face="comic sans">Who did you expect, Princess Luna?</font>)
Gunslinger: Frontier Justice (guest OC)
Fortune Finder: Filthy Rich

Lv 2
Big Leagues: Knoxie 1 (guest OC)
Riflepony: Calamity (FoE)
Lead Belly: Scotch Tape (Project Horizons)
Black Widow: Zuri (guest OC)
Medic: Velvet Remedy (FoE)
Commando: Maud Pie
Scrounger: Teal Tech (guest OC)

Lv 3
Armorer: Geare Bochs (guest OC)
Awareness: Blue Shift (guest OC)
Life Giver: Life Bloom (FoE)
Lone Wanderer: Grey Wind (guest OC)
Gun Nut: Rocco (guest OC)
Sneak: Wardenclyffe (guest OC)
Bloody Mess: Crimson Sigil (guest OC)

Lv 4
Blacksmith: Tinker (guest OC)
Locksmith: Littlepip (FoE)
Chem Resistant: Rainbow Shine (guest OC)
Attack Dog: Winona
Hacker: Spectrum Square (OC)
Ms. Sandmare: Valkyrie (guest OC)
Mysterious Stranger: Spyglass (guest OC)

Lv 5
Heavy Gunner: Lacunae (Project Horizons)
Demolition Expert: P-21 (Project Horizons)
Aquapony: Melody Mint (guest OC)
Animal Friend: Fluttershy
Scrapper: Floral Blossom (guest OC)
Action Filly: Knoxie 2 (guest OC)
Idiot Savant: Boo (Project Horizons)

Lv 6
Strong Back: Big Macintosh
Night Pony: Stygius (Project Horizons)
Rad Resistant: Puppy Smiles (Pink Eyes)
Local Leader: Red Eye (FoE)
Science!: Morning Glory (Project Horizons)
Moving Target: Silver Glass (guest OC)
Better Criticals: Psychoshy (Project Horizons)

Lv 7
Steady Aim: Mista Pone (JoJo pony)
Refractor: Chalcedony (guest OC)
Adamantium Skeleton: Ced (guest OC)
Party Pony: Blackjack (Project Horizons)
Chemist: Spriggan (guest OC)
Ninja: Mulia Mild
Critical Banker: Star Catcher (guest OC)

Lv 8
Basher: Railright (FoE)
Sniper: Serenity (guest OC)
Cannibal: Sugar Spooks (guest OC)
Inspirational: Homage (FoE)
Robotics Expert: Pandora (guest OC)
Quick Hooves: Tag Swift (guest OC)
Grim Reaper’s Sprint: Galeseed (guest OC)

Lv 9
Rooted: Treetops (guest OC)
Penetrator: Will Power (guest OC)
Ghoulish: Ditzy Doo
Wasteland Whisperer: Gidget Wrench (guest OC)
Nuclear Physicist: Doctor Hooves
Blitz: Marionette (OC)
Four Leaf Clover: Cookie Cake (guest OC)

Lv 10
Pain Train: Steelhooves (FoE)
Concentrated Fire: Joey (guest OC)
Solar Powered: Snowbound (guest OC)
Intimidation: Starlight Glimmer
Nerd Rage!: Dr. Zodiac (Project Horizons)
Gun Fu: Caliber (guest OC)
Riccochet: Mach Style (guest OC)

Fonts plundered from www.pixelsagas.com/  (non-commercial license)
semi-grimdark (22751)artist:cazra (105)applejack (139323)big macintosh (23927)derpy hooves (44347)ditzy doo (267)doctor whooves (9094)filthy rich (952)fluttershy (173897)maud pie (10480)mulia mild (113)pinkie pie (179175)rainbow dash (193534)rarity (148344)spike (62672)starlight glimmer (34479)time turner (9052)twilight sparkle (245711)winona (2019)oc (485481)oc:birch (11)oc:blackjack (1947)oc:blue shift (1)oc:boo (70)oc:calamity (559)oc:caliber (13)oc:ced (6)oc:chalcedony (2)oc:charity (79)oc:cookie cake (2)oc:crimson sigil (2)oc:floral blossom (5)oc:frontier justice (1)oc:galeseed (2)oc:geare bochs (1)oc:gidget wrench (2)oc:grey wind (2)oc:homage (357)oc:joey (15)oc:knoxie (3)oc:lacunae (93)oc:life bloom (18)oc:littlepip (3280)oc:mach style (1)oc:marionette (33)oc:melody mint (3)oc:morning glory (project horizons) (298)oc:murky (176)oc:p-21 (203)oc:pandora (255)oc:psychoshy (56)oc:puppysmiles (196)oc:railright (1)oc:rainbow shine (3)oc:rampage (212)oc:red eye (122)oc:rocco (17)oc:scotch tape (106)oc:serenity (178)oc:silver glass (1)oc:snowbound (3)oc:spectrum square (4)oc:spriggan (2)oc:spyglass (2)oc:star catcher (15)oc:steelhooves (217)oc:stygius (35)oc:sugar spooks (1)oc:tag swift (1)oc:teal tech (1)oc:tinker (64)oc:treetops (1)oc:valkyrie (55)oc:velvet remedy (872)oc:wardenclyffe (1)oc:will power (1)oc:xenith (136)oc:zodiac (9)oc:zuri (112)fallout equestria (12678)fallout equestria: project horizons (2144)alcohol (4771)alicorn (146308)armor (16782)axe (1216)ball (2242)balloon (8363)baseball (343)bat pony (32589)bat pony oc (8293)bat wings (2257)beach ball (1068)beard (2412)bed (28466)bipedal (25604)blood (18522)book (24835)bookshelf (1946)bottle (2733)bowtie (6545)cat (4054)changeling (27772)claws (3036)clock (1234)clothes (327824)colored hooves (2577)cutie mark (30717)cyber eyes (26)cybernetic enhancement (374)cyborg (2402)dashite (339)dog (6633)dragon (30974)dragon wings (442)drink (3452)earth pony (125490)explosion (1651)eyes closed (62023)facial hair (3436)fallout (2566)fallout 4 (605)fanfic (8806)fanfic art (10055)fangs (15803)female (681129)filly (44093)floppy ears (38226)fluttershy medical saddlebag (169)flying (27195)foal (11402)ghoul (382)glowing horn (11851)gore (3580)grin (25641)gritted teeth (8455)gun (11451)handgun (1709)hat (57849)hazmat suit (265)hooves (13081)horn (17643)jojo's bizarre adventure (2035)levitation (7737)lying down (7041)magic (52718)male (230596)mare (296495)medical saddlebag (202)minigun (314)ministry mares (263)mista mista (1)one eye closed (17952)open mouth (95162)optical sight (837)pegasus (163775)perks (3)pipbuck (2682)pistol (1505)plot (60070)pony (607751)pool (1485)poster (4060)power armor (873)radiation (73)raider (580)raised hoof (28918)revolver (1197)rifle (2738)robot (5578)saddle bag (3559)sans (2)sans (undertale) (361)scope (123)shotgun (1102)sitting (42225)skull (2032)smiling (167261)special (12)sports (1773)spread wings (37752)stable-tec (58)stallion (63719)standing (7084)steel ranger (250)table (6194)telekinesis (18520)undertale (1298)unicorn (173731)vault suit (2650)wall clock (2)weapon (20586)wings (43606)zebra (12374)


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

There is actually a limited version of this as a mod for the game, with about a tenth of the perks modded (plus a bunch of animations, magazine perks, and so on!). Witness the My Little Pony Interface Overhaul Project!

…it’s also available for anyone who wants to pick it up and run with it (AJ: hint, hint)…

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