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How bad could pony hell really be?
safe (1431156)artist:skitter (377)princess celestia (83761)twilight sparkle (260933)oc (526116)oc:filly anon (1954)alicorn (164089)pony (699774)clothes (356309)crown (10855)dialogue (50740)eyes closed (68096)female (761769)filly (50641)implied cozy glow (40)jewelry (39239)nervous (4380)peytral (1676)regalia (12393)shoes (24136)speech bubble (16708)sweat (19929)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102387)


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@Background Pony #26D4

She’s also not a threat. Her "threat" was that Twilight apparantely just had super powerful artifacts just lying around with no security, and nobody knew what she was up to. Lock up your fucking artifacts of doom and keep an eye on the filly (like, y’know, reform school?) and she’s literally no threat at all.

Not like STARLIGHT GLIMMER, who was let go with full access to all of her magic and no supervision whatsoever (I mean she started living with Twilight but she was not monitored 24/7 or restritcted by any means), or Tempest who sold out Equestria to get her horn back. Or DISCORD, they let DISCORD out with full access to his magic! Yeah, they protected the Elements from him, but he’s a freaking trickster!
Background Pony #26D4
@Background Pony #4E01
I mean, this being a magical world you could hypothetically rewrite her brain so that she’d no longer be sociopathic… but then she also wouldn’t be Cozy Glow anymore either.
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Background Pony #5541
Twilight may say she imprisoned 1 filly to save millions more. But the funny thing about excuses like that, is that you can use it again, and again, and again, and again, and before you know it, you have become your own antithesis. I fear for Equestria’s future with Twlilight as it’s Princess. If Twilight continues down this tyrannical path, she’ll become what Cozy is. That’s why I want Cozy reformed, so that Twilight can defeat her inner demons.
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AC97's avatar

I dunno, I found it noteworthy that Tirek didn’t even try to shut down any case of Cozy Glow hiding behind him out of fear.

Time will tell, but I think he genuinely cares about her on some level.
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Background Pony #B9AE
Celestia: Only those a try take over the world and cozy be the first in all equestria!
Luna: i hope no child will be fool to try!
Cadance: i dont like to set a child to Tartarus..I hope she get and learn her mistake and fast, i dont want ruin the child hood of her!
Twilight: yeah i hope she finaly learn it!
Anon Filly:(i better to never think or dream of take over equestria or i be in pony hell!)
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Background Pony #67F2
Anonfilly should be forced to become my personal cuddle buddy as punishment instead.
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Background Pony #2872
>enslaves a whole town into a cult, fucks with time lines resulting in one dystopia after the next all to eliminate those who stopped her from doing the former while also literally mindraping your supposed friends after you "redemption" only to get slap at the wrist in the result
>"Hey everyone makes a mistake, why not you become my personal student and live in my mansion :)))"
>acting rowdy after being transformed against your will, changing your species, ages, sex and gender
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