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[Artist’s original description]


I definitely planned to have alot drawn of these two and the story I have for them way earlier in the year. Yet every month seemed to give me all sorts of work that kept me from it. Though I had a chance in November to work on it, but instead I took a different path to work on another older project of mine…sighduck, hopefully I’ll get to themmm!
safe (1342203)artist:alts-art (93)oc (485816)oc:crystal (139)oc only (346174)oc:platinum reigns (1)bridle (2469)clothes (328044)duo (34680)duo female (5221)ear piercing (14751)earring (12676)earth pony (125726)empress (76)female (681722)filly (44138)hoof shoes (2062)horn (17717)inktober (1081)inktober 2018 (239)jewelry (33260)lineart (9855)long mane (2145)mare (296863)monochrome (128709)oc-tober (3)piercing (25317)pony (615422)saddle (1688)sash (196)simple background (268386)size difference (9479)sketch (50334)tack (2474)tassels (88)traditional art (89718)unicorn (174005)vest (2557)white background (65872)


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