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A demon I designed for icey-wicey-1517 s contest!

Mini bio: this stallion is a demon of the underworld. After sinning in most of his life when he was alive, he was sent to hell. He is a mean, cruel stallion that does things for himself. Except when his masterhell has him do something. As punishment for sinning, he must do various tasks that he hates doing. And he has to greet sinners once in awhile when he would rather be doing something else. 

art by me
design for icey-wicey-1517
safe (1458735)artist:commandereclipse (61)oc (539951)oc:hell blaze (1)oc only (370950)demon (2021)demon pony (864)original species (19074)pony (724033)bat wings (2932)black sclera (1360)colored pupils (7695)colored sclera (477)hell (200)horns (3756)male (267116)paws (3683)solo (894448)wings (55867)


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