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The one rantsona vid I can get behind.

(This is also a collab with a friend)
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A Humble Water Filter Salesman
Too bad the most Lunacord got was a passing reference in one of the comics and a line from Discord mentioning that Luna has visited him in his dreams but oh well.
I always thought Luna and Discord made more sense since Luna seemed to have a more playful side to her and there was the fact that both of them were reformed villains so there was a possibility of them connecting through that but doesn’t seem to be the case anymore unfortunately.
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Background Pony #3C1E
screaming and hollaring and acting like a moron doesn’t make you look civil at all. I have dots in between my sentences unless of course you’re to blind to see that I guess. Even if I don’t or do you can obviously get my point because you’re responding to it so don’t try to change the subject around. You’re not acting civil at all and once AGAIN just completely ignored my argument. You trying to "disprove and reject" how fluttercord is incorrect or wrong according to the own rules you’ve set in your own mind and some lunatic’s as well. and okay great let’s say you didn’t know she was an asshole and fair is fair but keep in mind her points are still childish in the first place like most of her behavior is. I made a perfectly valuable point yet you still keep arguing back and forth with me like a child. I really don’t think you’re as mature as you think you are. A lot of people would have 2 definitions on that with you.
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Background Pony #46C9
After a few years it became like this without wanting him to discord into a blacklist!
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A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary

@Background Pony #3C1E
How am I not acting Civil? Explain

"saying we’re as bad as her for no reason" No, I have reasons and you’re proving it!

I did NOT know she was an asshole! That is a lie

How have I not Debunked your points? I gave example and Explain how certain things didn’t work.

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Background Pony #3C1E
You’re not acting civil at all though lol and all of her "points" are complete false anyways even though there was someone who just did in the comment section in here. that’s not a point, that’s your own opinion and interpretation. You’re just sitting here saying we’re as bad as her for no reason just because we disagree with you under one comment section. We don’t always go around on dislestia shit at least not the people HERE and go YACK YACK YACK DISLESTIA IS THIS DISLESTIA IS THAT BOOOO like some little child yet you took her side and you apparently KNOW she’s an asshole. and the ONLY reason I know about like 100% of all her disgusting actions towards others is because I am a shipper of fluttercord and a proud one to despite all of your disgusting arrogance towards our ship btw as well. so you are no better than anyone else here as you claim to be as such. I only know about her because she goes under stuff like that and I see her running around everywhere being an asshole to everyone all the time and YET you said i had no proof (without proof) lmao. You haven’t exactly "debunked" any of our points either. You claim we are ignorant just for standing up for own ship meanwhile trying to post your little "points" against it as to why its "bad" or "incorrect". which would only mean you’d be JUST as bad as anyone else here or her. There are a LOT of stuff that dislestia shippers ignore in particular or just you and Mario Wolfe. but I’m not really here to just speak about that. I just like to stand up for my ship whenever someone tries to you know… tear it down? like you’re doing? Stop.
Background Pony #3C1E

OH AND HERE https://www.deviantart.com/thecuriousfool/art/It-s-Good-To-See-You-Too-639093905 Mario Wolfe ship bashing again under places she doesn’t belong in the first place


https://mario-wolfe.tumblr.com/post/151517732473/dear-fluttercord-shippers and youll see her usually ignorant comments again

https://mario-wolfe.tumblr.com/ also another example she always bashing fluttercord and pretending her’s is canon without 0 evidence. trust me theres ALOOOTT more than this buddy. so i wouldnt say i dont have evidence.

oh OR THIS https://www.pinterest.es/pin/434738170260947835/ fluttercord is dead

buddy the list goes on and on and on and on literally just search her fucking name up on google and put fluttercord youll find 100s of ignorant comments she leaves all the time under random shit. I’ve seen her do it over the past several years and every year she becomes more and more ridiculous. I could have respected you if you just put out an argument of your own and had your own preference instead of just involving a person like THIS in the conversation only PROVES how incorrect you are
Background Pony #3C1E
You’re hilarious with how mad you’re getting trying to defend someone who is such an asshole already and 90% of the fandom knows it and no I am not doing the same thing XD I think you’re getting a little defensive there aren’t ya? I don’t even have a problem with either ship. I am in no way doing the same thing as Mario Wolfe does. It’s called an argument back to your point and just because you disagree with it (for some reason despite me having tons of evidence i can show you) you still take that persons side which says a lot about you as well. Don’t pull the hole oh you’re hypocrite argument on me and try and turn it around on me just because I am actually correct about her. I actually DO have tons of proof actually and you just have to have a brain to know that she does if you really WANT me to pick up all the stuff and links she does and post e right here ill be more than happy to but itll take a while cause she does it everywhere.
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Eris best pony
About the age gap, i don´t feel that was a valid argument, because isn´t weird a relationship with a gigant age gap if both characters we´re adults. Is less weird a couple of 40-20 than a couple of 20-16. Yeah, the first one have a large age gap and the other is just 4 years of age gap but the first one, both are adults meanwhile the other is a adult with a under-age.

A thing is "oh, Discord is immortal, so he can´t be with Fluttershy because that´s end in a tragedy, better be with Celestia, Luna, Cosmos or any other immortal character to be happy" but other thing is that age gap…

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A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary

@Background Pony #3C1E

1. Use the freaking ENTER key! It makes your stuff more readable.

2. Proof? Like for Any of the stuff you accuse her of doing?

3. YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE! You claim she "bashes" and "insults" shippers…While you do the same thing! Including in this very comment!

Plus I have seen countless Fluttercord fans due the same things you accuse her of doing and then some.

They have gone onto multiple ships for discord (Not just dislestia) and bitch about how he should only be for Fluttershy. They have gotten to the point that they have been times where the were messing with the tags and adding insults to pictures! (And unlike you I HAVE PROOF: https://derpibooru.org/images/1279281/tag_changes )
MrtheamazingDude's avatar
A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary

@Background Pony #B429
"His reasoning is childish" Yet here you are spewing out insults at every opportunity.

"1.) First and foremost, Fluttercord is not canon"
Not an argument, just salt over his ship being ignored over Fluttercor.

But it ISN’T canon. Not saying it won’t be, but right now, it isn’t

"2.) Discord is overly possessive of Fluttershy."
Again, misinterpretation of a salty shipper. Discord is very protective of a pony he care about. He is willing to sacrifice his life numerous time for her whether is to rescue her from Chrysalis or Sombra or by making a perfect tea party. What he doesn’t really care about is what happens to Celestia when she’s abducted, or what is she going to do once Twilight replaces her.

Did you even read what she said? He nearly sent one off her friends to another dimension! How is that not overly possessive? Plus you didn’t even counter her point.

"3.) Discord still puts Fluttershy’s life in danger. "
False as seen numerous times. The only time in Matter of Principals doesn’t count since the writer herself stated that Discord didn’t send them anywhere dangerous.

right, except you know When they came back they were covered in dirt and bruises and were slightly traumatized

"4.) Fluttershy is turning Discord into something he’s not. "
Literally opposite as shown in Discordant Harmony. But we can’t expect that delusional haters would watch fluttercord centric episodes.

Literally opposite how? He nearly died! And again insults

"5.) Discord never had a friend before."
Another wish fulfillment headcanon. That if Fluttershy is his first friend, then they must be friendzoned. Completely illogical. First idea for both of them when looking for romantic partners will be considering eachother first. Remind you that Steven Universe’s first friend is Connie or that first friend of Kim Possible was Ron Stoppable or first friend of Aang was Katara etc and they all ended up romantically.

"First idea for both of them when looking for romantic partners will be considering eachother first" That’s not always the case, there’s tons of shows were the 1st friend isn’t the endgame love interest. Adventure Time and Star vs the forces of evil for example.

"6.) The writers actually don’t ship Fluttercord."
False. McCarthy openly teased this ship and Mike Vogel openly tweeted about it. And true John De Lancie and Nicole Oliver ship Dislestia, but Andrea Libman the voice of Fluttershy who ships Fluttercord. In the end Fluttercord is in writers mind while nobody even knows about Dislestia

"nobody even knows about Dislestia"
"true John De Lancie and Nicole Oliver ship Dislestia"
Way to contradict yourself
PLUS you didn’t counter her points she gave

"7.) Fluttershy still doesn’t believe in Discord."
Another delusion of a madman. Saying that she doesn’t trust him at all and yet only using her quote from Keep Calm and Flutter On is just idiotic. Of course she wasn’t fully trusting him, they just met. And he still betrayed her in S4 so she was still naive about him.

More Insults, Classy. And you didn’t give proof that she does trust him

"8.) Discord and Fluttershy have a disgustingly large age gap"
Nothing but personal taste. Again Greg Universe and Rose Quartz, Princess Bublegumm and Marceline, Doctor Who and Rose, Samurai Jack and Ashi. Theres countless age different relationship between immortal and mortal character. Whole reason is dumb and based on a person caring about the ages instead emotional bond. Discord still doesnt care about Celestia because she wasn’t developing bond with him for 1000 years. She locked him in a stone while she was having fun romancing nobles and good guy Sombra from another dimension. If you want Discord and her together, then you are more sick than people shipping age difference.

The examples you listed actually go AGAINST your point,

Greg Universe and Rose Quartz Ended in tragedy and there’s still the fact that rose would have to see Greg age and die while she remained young

Doctor Who and Rose Ended in tragedy

Samurai Jack and Ashi were roughly the same age (due to Jack’s age being slowed down to due the time portal thing) and even then when they got back to the past, Jack could age normally again. But it still Ended in tragedy Since Ashi ceased to Exist cuz of her connection to aku

The only one that didn’t end in tragedy was Princess Bublegumm and Marceline…AND THAT’S CUZ NEITHER NORMALLY AGE!

"based on a person caring about the ages instead emotional bond" Yeah so a girl who at most is 20 dating a guy who looks like he’s 80 totally isn’t creepy.

And what "romancing nobles"? That never happened! And the "good guy Sombra" thing was NON-CANON. Comics are pretty much Conformed to be non-canon due to all the stuff that happened recently (Comic Sombra being good, While Show Sombra is still Evil…and died)

And again with the insults…How are we the salty ones again.

"9.) Discord has definitely treated other mares better."
Absolute proof that your source is absolutely delusional and biased and don’t use any logic. He reject all Discord interactions with Fluttershy as platonic or them being disohonest, but at the same time he interpret the 30 SECOND interaction that Discord had with Celestia over 9 SEASONS as perfect example that they love eachother. Just nonsense.

How the hell is viewing them as platonic friends "absolutely delusional and biased and don’t use any logic"?

"10.) Discord stalks Fluttershy as much as possible"
Another nonsense argument and I’m start to think person who wrote it might be either a child or have immature mentality of a child. Either way you don’t look good either using his arguments. And no wonder, Mario-Wolfe is known as a troll in MLP community who refer to shippers as "pedophiles" "Fu.kers" "ret.rds" and other words that kindergarten kids are using. So don’t embarrass yourself using this guy’s arguments. You will feel really dumb when FlutterCord gets confirmed in S9 and i bet MarioWolfe will delete his account.

1st off, you didn’t even attempt to counter this point at all.

and 2nd. "I’m start to think person who wrote it might be either a child or have immature mentality of a child" Y’know it really help people take you more seriously if you don’t insult your Opponent every chance you get. It makes you look less biased and hypocritical.

And from what I’ve seen. No she’s not. Plus you can’t say shit about what she said about shippers when you have been doing the same damn thing!

And what if Fluttercord Doesn’t end up canon? What are you going to do then? Plus hoping someone deletes their account over shipping is a really petty and terrible thing to do.
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