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Part 3 of my 6 part face re-colour! Applejack required 2 resources: 1 for the top hair, and one for the mane. The mane is actually a side shot, but look at how good that fits under her front hoof. Magic.

Rainbow Dash is still best pony.
safe1615233 artist:rainbowplasma47 part of a set10119 applejack162546 earth pony215794 pony882914 applejack's hat6037 bust44059 cowboy hat14050 cute186199 dashface389 female1285829 freckles26181 funny face304 hat79490 hooves on cheeks140 jackabetes5436 mare439326 silly7124 silly pony2879 simple background361029 so awesome189 solo1003402 squishy cheeks2179 transparent background187044 who's a silly pony665


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