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Not even close, his is much more scarier because he's not even casting a direct Mind Control Spell, Sombra's Magic is based around Fear and Terror and was what had allowed him to rule unchecked over the Crystal Empire by continuously exposing his opposition to their worst fears and personal terrors. This is the end result of countless hours spent trapped inside of your own fears: their active minds being forced to shut down to try and keep the victims from Going Insane, leaving them in a catatonic state and easily susceptible to whomever gives them a direct verbal command.
Background Pony #0E18
Even if Sunset managed to get through the portal with her army, that army of HUMAN TEENAGERS now turned ponies would be in the same state Twilight was when she first went to the human world. Confused.
Background Pony #AE81
Sunset he chronologically did enslaving and brainwashing thing like thousand years before you did. Heck long before you were even BORN. Both with and without magic. Heck in another timeline he did again on larger scale with a more massive corridanated army and conquered half of Equestria.

You on the other hand spent three years being a an egocentric bully out of spite and jeaously, and when did managed to get some power under your control to do so, you barely did anything other blow up the front courtyard. Sorry my dear, but he simply did it BETTER.