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I know this is kind of old, but I think nobody uploaded it and I found it interesting so…


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Starlight is adorable

Jim Miller himself said it was hell when they showed the season 8 finale at a convention panel before the season 9 premiere was shown there.
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Life is but a dream
I’m sticking with my "she’s secretly a midget" theory…

To those offended by me using that term, lighten up. Plus I’m short IRL too, (I get mistaken for a young teenager IRL all the time) so I have short-privilege. :P
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"Who says she has parents"
That was what we call a base assumption. Did she have parents, then, or did she just pop into existence?
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I refuse to believe that a kid can be that conniving, patient, and methodical.
99.9% of them probably aren’t. But refusing to consider the 0.1% that are is exactly what the ones like Cozy Glow are counting on.
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Yes, but he didn’t have magic to act as a mother in her place. Or…father? If those t-shirts are right about The Force’s sex, I guess magic would be the father.
So basically, magic totally nailed The Force and then, Cozy Glow. Or something. stupid magic waited three days to call the force back.
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