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Equestria at War

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safe (1357163)artist:faitheverlasting (48)apple bloom (41438)babs seed (5271)button mash (3347)rumble (3256)scootaloo (44750)snips (3504)sweetie belle (41904)tender taps (578)absurd file size (550)absurd res (60205)beard (2439)bips (36)couch (5524)cutie mark crusaders (15273)facial hair (3510)female (694525)game controller (292)game night (4)glowing horn (12137)hair braiding (4)hand (6357)hoof hold (5452)magic (53552)magic hands (482)male (234989)nuzzling (3161)older (16400)older apple bloom (687)older babs seed (104)older button mash (76)older rumble (53)older scootaloo (831)older snips (69)older sweetie belle (725)older tender taps (25)pony (633802)prone (19465)rumbloo (434)shipping (153543)smiling (170091)straight (103407)sweetiemash (509)telekinesis (18906)tenderbloom (206)


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Background Pony #1504
So are Scootaloo and Rumble both single or do they have a tsundere-rivaru thing going on?
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