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Artist's description:

"Here's a commission that I created for CodyandGwen

"I hope you like it!

Here's what they wanted:
"I was hoping to get a photo of Lightning Dust and Scootaloo meeting after the episode 'The Washouts'. Lightning Dust is apologizing to Scootaloo and saying she truly believes anypony can do anything they want. Scootaloo is also hugging LD around her neck, both have tears in their eyes"

Golly, this was fun to make, too! I always love drawing Lightning Dust! She has some of the most fun colors to work with!"
safe (1483683) artist:faitheverlasting (53) lightning dust (3990) scootaloo (47659) pegasus (206341) pony (762557) the washouts (episode) (1013) absurd resolution (62312) clothes (375137) commission (43808) crying (37184) cutie mark (36004) description is relevant (678) feels (1499) female (808457) filly (54172) hug (23582) simple background (309126) smiling (193395) spread wings (43103) tears of joy (1828) the cmc's cutie marks (4295) transparent background (161145) uniform (8093) washouts uniform (490) wings (58791)


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Background Pony #FA84
No, bad choice Scoots, Dashie is so much better for you & this is so out of LD's character. No matter what, all Dust cares about is herself.