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Background Pony #F23F
@Background Pony #9560
Most episodes that focus on Spike have been complete garbage.

Princess Spike
Spike at Your Service
Triple Threat
Dragon Quest
Just for Sidekicks
Father Knows Beast
Owl’s Well That Ends Well

He just doesn’t work as a focal character.
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Background Pony #9560
Oh c’mon twilight sparkle and her friends has been on both tv and on the big screen its time we focus the shot on spike and where he came from.😲
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Paradox_Brony's avatar
Sunset is Best Girl
All of the degenerate conversations about canon characters set aside, this reminds me that the show is still centered around one character and everyone she knows and loves.

Over the years that’s been something that’s the show’s quality has made me forget from time to time.
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