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Another MLP fusion comic, now with four new ponies of choice!!
The following comic was made by the amazing CactusCowboyDan. so be sure to go check out his content!!

safe (1446822)artist:cactuscowboydan (72)caboose (84)full steam (27)silver lining (199)silver zoom (199)sunburst (4927)oc (533665)oc:king calm merriment (42)oc:king speedy hooves (151)oc:tommy the human (166)alicorn (167817)earth pony (154477)human (132372)pegasus (194254)pony (714554)unicorn (210986)comic:fusing the fusions (185)comic:the bastion of canterlot (36)alicorn oc (18242)book (27484)canterlot (4047)canterlot castle (1329)cape (7835)clothes (362205)comic (91119)commissioner:bigonionbean (544)conductor hat (44)dialogue (51534)father and son (672)fusion (3595)fusion:king calm merriment (42)fusion:king speedy hooves (152)glasses (47776)goggles (11859)gymnasium (92)hat (66205)human oc (189)magic (58595)male (263471)potion (1485)spear (1987)stallion (75185)uncle and nephew (44)uniform (7837)weapon (23385)wonderbolts uniform (4988)writer:bigonionbean (343)


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7 comments posted
Background Pony #C217
@Background Pony #C7E1
Here is the direct comment that he issued throughout most of his earliest posts.


To those that are looking at this thinking "WTF", I apologize for this acid trip on paper.

When I came up with this, this was the result of a couple bottles of Grey Goose Vodka, very lewd/sexual anime, a binging of dbz seasons 8 and 9, the horror movie "The Thing" (the shitty 2011 prequel), holiday pay, a few YouTube vids of plastic models melting via flames, and a "why the hell not" attitude.

Results…..The kind of thing you’d only have if you had either a first person lewd/trippy dream or a pure moment full of the essence of "WTF".

TBH, I didn’t expect this thing to get out of control and expand as far as it has. I didn’t even really put any thought into this whole thing (with the exception of being under the influence of alcohol, anime, or mlp) After the first comic was posted, I thought that would be it. Then I started getting questions, ideas, and even donations from randoms requesting that I expand this universe or "Fuseverse" as far as I could.

Now 7 comics into this and multiple commissions later, I am both surprised, cringing, and wowed at the fact that randoms still want to see more of this universe, though at this point I got nothing left. Kinda braindead (and out of Vodka) to do anything else, for now.

If you all have any questions or ideas as to where this story can go, then I’m all ears. Criticism is also helpful, but I wish you luck cause not even I remembered exactly why the hell I did this in my drunken state.
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Background Pony #C217
@Background Pony #C7E1
Apparently, the guy left some comments in some if the earlier posts somewhat explaining the lack of reasoning behind all this. He even stated that he never intended for this stuff to grow to the amount that it has, only people were requesting more from him.
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Background Pony #E602
@Background Pony #2E0E
You can interpret it as you like. I think the second one fit to this one a bit better. The "R" i reserve for diaper fetish…

Still, i would really like for this guy to explain this to me. Like WTF is in this kind of thing for him? Its it sexual? Or it is some kinda emotional value? it have so many pages and i looked quickly at most of them even read few more interesting looking ones and its all BLAND. ther is that fight with Sombra that have some meaning in it but rest of this is just ponies ass becoming bigger and the look of the pony more and more bland and weird.

I could understand it if it was explicit fetish and there would be some horse genitals blending together then it would be just sexual fetish and that dont need explanation. But as it is now? It supposed to be a story but ther is no story. It begins randomly and then change directions at random and without reason like a honeybird on meth… And the one human child in this? Its just creepy as it feels as if it was the guy inserting himself in that twisted universe… and even as the fictional character he act like he is a bit autistic(and i dont mean it as an insult but as a illness).

Just someone try to explain this all to me..