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"Korera no densetsu no ken de, watashi wa yōsha hi o tōshite kanpekina seigi o hiromenakereba narimasen!"Read in deep Japanese dudes voice
"With these legenedary fist, I shall spread perfect justice through unrelenting fire!"Rough translation
Wellp, like I said I would upload one or two things before my Haitus goes into full effect.

This is one of those things.

one of the images in a Collab project with , Me and him worked out a few subject Ideas, and tackled them. I would build the images, scenes, lighting and such in SFM, and he would add his post processing magic over it. This partuclar one has a bit of my editing over his, cause I really wanted a cropped out/Framed version, the original will be linked lower in the description and will be uploaded to DA as well.

Anyways, go check out prince’s page, he is amazing with post edit work, though he uses GMod, you can almost never tell.
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Pony overhauls female
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