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2015 gave us π.

2017 gave us these 4

2018 gave us .

2019 gave us $.

I don’t know what 2020 will give us but i for one hope that we will get , to keep the trend going.
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Background Pony #6786
@Background Pony #72D7
Consider we mostly live in the Capitalism (both bads and goods), yep, 2019 april fools seems too real for many people, especially scare them off with a "bad capitalist" joke of EA.

By the way, 2018 one is the most legendary, it is funny and doesn’t seem too real, since Communist in real life aren’t as many as Capitalist.
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Background Pony #9479
@Background Pony #F628

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Background Pony #23EB
Implying Derpibooru won’t be dead by then. It’s already starting to go up in flames, the moment the show is over it’s going to crash completely.
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The only images visible will be ones tagged "hindsight", "hilarious in hindsight", "harsher in hindsight", "sad in hindsight", etc.

Because hindsight is 20/20 2020.
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