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After years of knowing and loving eachother they’re getting married.

Rquested by:chazkopa on DevaintArt

Spike Base
Base by:SelenaEde on DevaintArt

Skaterloo Base
Base by:CrystalHarmony99 on DevaintArt

Diamond Tiara Base
Base by:artgrrlee on DevaintArt

Silver Spoon Base
Base by:MeiMisuki on DevaintArt
safe1600699 artist:turnaboutart148 diamond tiara9759 scootaloo49323 silver spoon6226 spike75103 alicorn202742 dragon49819 earth pony210908 pony869504 alicornified4905 base used16515 bride291 clothes419768 dress40607 female1273269 flower23123 flower in hair6848 glasses55874 half r63 shipping1801 hat78354 jewelry54026 male338601 mare432903 marriage1140 necklace16082 older23849 older diamond tiara669 older scootaloo1779 older silver spoon584 pearl necklace1036 race swap13117 rule 6325274 scootacorn79 scooteroll219 scootertiara4 scootiara77 shipping186300 stallion95959 straight126247 suit5248 tiaracorn28 top hat3865 wedding1316 wedding dress1621


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