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Okay, before anyone says anything, please know that I’m fully aware that this probably wasn’t intended as some hint that the two will ultimately end up together. As much as I’d squee beyond belief over that, I realise that it was just a nice, innocent and playful flirt on Sunset’s part. I just really liked the moment, and of course my inner shipper jumped for joy over it

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Sunset and Flash did break up for some reason, and it might have been because Flash saw what dick Sunset was. But now that she’s reformed, they can get together again, as she’s no longer a dick.
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@Background Pony #4216
"they’re better as friends"

don’t act like your opinions can be used as facts/arguments. Some people prefer them as friends but some don’t, but regardless of it, that ain’t an argument but mostly personal taste/POV that you should kind of keep to yourself…
(Even tho it’s very likely that the serie is gonna keep them as friends but we can basically say the same thing to more than half of the ships in the fandom really)

you too, @Background Pony #9A7E don’t act like they are lovers when, as far as I’m aware, ain’t currently being implied that much in the serie, same goes for "each characters have their own relationship", I can tell it’s your opinion but you kind of try to turn them into facts from your use of words.