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Emerald begins hitting on Joyride the best he can, complimenting her intelligence, her magical ability, and her looks. This doesn't illicit any strong reactions from her.

He changes tact, and instead starts using cheesy, raunchy pick-up lines that he read from one of his old step-dad's books. he even makes up a few himself. At least he thinks he made them up. They all came to him rather suddenly.

Joyride laughs at most of them.

"Alright, ya got me. Those were good." She says as the plates of food slid themselves onto the table.

Emerald asks if she could make a test for him. Let me show his stuff and maybe teach him a new spell for his efforts.

"Fine… Whatever. I'll come up with something. I got other stuff I gotta do first though." Joyride says, picking up her knife and fork magically and beginning to eat.

What does Emerald do?


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