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MLP, Megaman, Modularity
How about another appearance from Diamond Tiara?

Season 5 can't seriously be the last we hear of her, can it?
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Dusty and her Washouts (and the long overdue redemption).

Babs Seed and the CMC Manehattan.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.


Autumn Blaze.

The Pie Sisters and their special someponies.


Trixie and her father.

Discord and the CMC.

More about AJs parents.

Suri Polomare.

Gilda, Gabby and Greta.

Spikes real parents.

Scorpan meeting Tirek again.

Also Dusty and her Washouts (and the long overdue redemption).
Hazel Ray

No one cares about seeing the Zebra's, I really want to know what they're like, for example, do they all rhyme like Zecora? Or is that just her?