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Reminds me of "Stasis Leak" an episode of Red Dwarf:

"Hello. I'm Older, Taller Alicorn Twilight from the last episode the future."

"Hi! I'm a fanfic an alternative reality Twilight who became Queen of the changelings,… now from here on in things get a liiiittle bit confusing!"
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Silver Dis-Astḗr
@Background Pony #0E2B
Treelight sparkle: i am a tree.

Actually, in S9E03 she said to NOT be "The Tree" itself, but rather "Mare-e-Ly", The Messenger .
→ For administrative reasons, the tag "Treelight Sparkle" should still be used until she says it again (or another character talks about "her" or credits confirms it).

After you, Twilight Sparkle!

Why thank you, Twilight Sparkle!

You're quite welcome, Twilight Sparkle!

(seriously though, this is awesome! I can't believe I never thought of it before :D )