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safe (1410470)screencap (169987)tree of harmony (588)uprooted (851)spoiler:s09e03 (850)alicorn (159375)animated (83820)cute (144655)female (744039)frown (19239)head tilt (830)looking at you (118066)mare (325944)pony (675772)shiny (1703)smiling (179633)solo (865348)sparkles (3269)treelightbetes (12)treelight sparkle (182)

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Why the hay not?
@Background Pony #A335
stop, why you don’t show yourself to Twilight !?

Twilight, Sci-Twi and Treelight all in the same room… now that would be awesome to see O.O

I can only see 26 of the 127 treelight sparkle pics. Was she(?) in a previous episode? or was it leaked? or what?

Hmm, maybe something in your settings?
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