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Commission for Blissey.

Younger Twilight didn’t think that spell would quite work out like that.
safe (1457132)artist:silfoe (1521)princess celestia (84936)twilight sparkle (265216)alicorn (169767)lamia (1565)original species (19035)pony (722712)snake (1986)snake pony (420)unicorn (214807)book (27693)commission (42195)danger noodle (45)dialogue (52203)female (784421)floppy ears (42187)frown (20017)gradient background (9283)gray background (5136)gritted teeth (9337)hoof fluff (687)lamiafied (182)leg fluff (1867)looking back (43172)mare (350293)messy mane (5983)monster mare (611)ophidiophobia (15)raised hoof (32958)scared (8143)simple background (298599)snakelestia (14)species swap (16197)speech bubble (17244)spellbook (221)spell gone wrong (260)surprised (7061)tail (15418)this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon (223)transformation (8413)unicorn twilight (8681)wing fluff (1284)


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Background Pony #9A7A
Isn’t there episodes of Twilight afraid of snakes? Probably caught her in mid-freak out.
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