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Sweep away the ashes of the past. Create something new with that what survives.
A monument to the Magic of Friendship inside the what was the center of Old Equestria. Where the Elements of Harmony were born.
Begin again.
Background Pony #3B62
Twilight: I could have had an awesome treehouse like this but I got stuck with an ugly castle?
path d="M64.335 34.675c3.358 1.584 6.716.908 10.073 1.043-.265 13.078 19.05 19.74 31.58 4.16 6.077 6.273 24.776 2.28 12.42-18.66-12.88-21.833-42.605-11.287-61-.5l-7.25 11c-29.918 14.92-16.418 45.666-.75 57.625-12.967 2.522-6.234 30.16 9.904 24.894 18.84-6.147-1.986-51.066-7.78-62.644l1.495-11.736z" fill="#C575BB"/>
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Humble Dash-worshipper
What's with the Tree and randomly building palaces all over Equestria? First Twi's Castle, now that… club thing…