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Parents: Smolder, Gallus

Age: 11

Nicknames: Lily, Sparky (by her parents only)

Lily has been a little ball of trouble since birth. When she was a toddler, she had a terrible biting habit when she got angry. She was also quick to get into a scrap with others over conflict. She has since mellowed out as she approaches middle school, becoming the usual tough but levelheaded kid. Lily loves to have fun, and has shown interest in sports as a career. She wants to one day be a hoofball star, as it is a sport that can let out sone aggression while also being super fun to her. Her and her best friend, Lovebug, are polar opposites, but get along perfectly. Lily encourages Lovey to take risks and have fun, while Lovey helps Lily to chill out when she gets fired up. She loves Lovebug lots, and is often guarding her from conflict or pressuring situations when Lovey gets overloaded. Bold, brash, and big hearted, Lily is a sweet pal through and through.
safe (1428843)artist:sandwichbuns (195)oc (524990)oc:fire lily (19)oc only (364113)dragriff (19)hybrid (11822)female (759698)half-dragon (23)half-griffon (6)interspecies offspring (5287)offspring (28746)parent:gallus (37)parent:smolder (26)parents:smollus (5)simple background (290688)solo (875764)transparent background (151801)


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