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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: www.oldmasterq.com/comics/730
(Officer Techy): Your baby is awfully pretty chubby, my dear! You SURE you’re not overfeeding her! Because from the looks of it, this is grounds for child abuse!!
?! Oh nononono!! It’s just a condition she’s having!! I’m just babysitting for some motherly friend of mine in this town! It’s-uhhh—Treehugger’s child!!!

  Oh my goodness, what have I done?? Treehugger doesn’t even have a boyfriend yet!! 

(Officer Techy): Well, if it’s not your child, then why don’t you give her a call, so I can confirm your story??
 NOOOOOO, I’m going to jail forever!! I need to confess 

(Officer Techy): HOLY S&&T!!! Your dam child made a #2 in FRONT OF ME!!! UUGGHH, I gotta get to fresh air before I end up losing MORE of my lunch!!

TELL YOU’RE FRIEND TO EASE OFF FROM THE BABY CARBO LOAD, or else I’ll put a warrant on her!!!
Well, might as well catch that lady with the "Whole Weed" cart now!

(Officer Techy scurries away from the cart as fast as possible)
Hehehe, oooppss! Guess the call of nature has came pretty early for me!! Sorry it had to come this way, Flutter Butter!

Oooohhhhhh, it’s all right, Treehugger. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve end up putting our lives in jeopardy….
Well, I guess it’s time we look for the nearest washroom to wash off the rest of our carriage
OH, no need to worry about the mess! I got it ALL packed up in my own adult diapers!!
WAIT, you actually brought along a diaper along with you???
I already TOLD you, amigo! This isn’t my FIRST 4/20 rally, my bra!! As long as you’re with me, EVERYTHING will go smoothly well and we’ll be chillaxing with our new best friends in the universe in NO time!

Thanks, Treehugger! I don’t know what I can do without you! Hey, after this, remind me to buy that new rubbing oil that cures seizures for the ill dogs in the sanctuary…


Weed customer: Dank Nugs by Dawnfire (dawnf1re.tumblr.com/post/16939…)
Whole Weed Vendor: Stoney Pony by artist of the same name (derpibooru.org/116889)
420 delivery Vendor: Maya Heartstrings (mlpforums.com/roleplay-charact…)
Police Officer: My OC Techy Texas (you’ll remember him from the comic "Love at First Fight")

For more Master Q Parodies, go to: meiyeezhu.deviantart.com/galle…
NOTE: PapaDragon69 has actually already made a parody comic like this one, and commented that I would made something like this involving weed instead; he actually thought about seeing my version someday, so here it is!
I was going to post this on 4/20, but I figure I would end up losing watchers if I delay this any longer; if you have any friends who are going to celebrate cannabis culture, show them this comic so they can hide their stash whenever the popo comes marching in!
safe (1431443)artist:meiyeezhu (290)fluttershy (184427)tree hugger (2446)oc (526340)oc:dank nugs (9)oc:maya heartstrings (23)oc:techy texas (2)human (130970)baby carriage (48)basket (2311)big breasts (56609)blushing (154165)bow (19462)bowtie (7282)breasts (204236)carriage (199)cart (1111)clothes (356430)comic (89851)confused (3332)disguise (3141)drugs (2022)eyepatch (2318)fleeing (57)hair bow (10435)horned humanization (5777)huge breasts (25862)humanized (88057)jar (736)jeans (2416)jewelry (39271)marijuana (980)midriff (16261)necklace (12311)necktie (5267)nervous (4384)old master q (359)pacifier (2162)pants (9814)parody (14601)pillow (12808)police (917)police officer (540)stoney pony (2)street (539)sweater (11547)sweatershy (2876)uh oh (157)vendor (72)wind up key (22)


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