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No one is sure where Sapph learned it

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safe (1425695)artist:jake heritagu (884)adagio dazzle (11001)oc (523617)oc:sparkling sapphire (92)comic:aria's archives (194)equestria girls (159214)baby (7619)babysitting (150)clothes (354662)comic (89246)dab (315)magical lesbian spawn (8416)offspring (28699)parent:sci-twi (191)parents:scitwishimmer (166)parent:sunset shimmer (1165)pony ears (1074)


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Background Pony #5BC4
No baby! Don’t do it! Dabbing is something only weird people do! No baby! NOOOOOO! Don’t give into the dabs! XD Cute baby and Adagio always make me happy though. Even if they’re dabbing.
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Background Pony #796F
You know… maybe Aria could do a recap of events for future readers who will no doubt be confused by the complete lack of comic past the point where Dagi agrees to watch Saph.
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lost my job today but this does put a smile on my face at least. Mamadagio and Sapph are so cute. Strange to know that this little baby turns into a goddess later. That’ll be fun to see. _
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Comments23 comments posted