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Appleslosh Drive Pt. 3

Looks like she's enjoying herself. Wonder how long til she realizes just how much cider is sloshing about in her tum.

Head to my ko-fi to help fill her up

Remember every Coffee donated (3$) is 15 pounds for AJ Donate 5 at once (15$) and I’ll add 25lbs extra to make it 100lbs
suggestive145560 artist:graphenescloset684 applejack171574 earth pony256960 pony988214 series:appleslosh drive11 adorafatty342 applebutt4448 applefat559 applejack's hat7733 barn3228 bbw4365 belly29002 big belly11680 cider2581 cider inflation34 cowboy hat16378 fat22377 female1382233 hat88416 hay1603 high res31181 incentive drive233 large butt17292 mare491466 mug4333 plot80537 rear view12430 solo1078667 stomach noise3263 tankard292 that pony sure does love cider69 that pony sure does love drinking8 the ass was fat14037 weight gain4341 weight gain sequence829


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Monde de merde
Wonder how long til she realizes just how much cider is sloshing about in her tum.

And how big she'll have gotten at that point as well~
Artist -

"Hnnnnnnrghh, Twilight, ah'm tryna' sneak around but ah'm dummy thicc and mah ass claps keep alertin' the Royal Guards"