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legally speaking, I shouldn't be allowed to love them as much as I do

oh my precious, precious hippogriff children.. I cannot believe I've actually finally designed you. in case you're not sure who these two new faces are, it's high tide (the son of galena and tropical dream) and my precious little angel child wave ripple (the daughter of a bunch of weird birds).

while these two have no relation (and I never planned for them to even know each other) they consider themselves honorary siblings are are childhood friends. I've drawn wavey here as a child and tide as an adult, which is misleading because they're like 2-4 years apart in age and are both adults but I wanted to draw wavey as a kid,, she looks the same as an adult though, and is only a little shorter than tide!

both of tide's parents are GEPS delegates, so as a kid he would go with them to the summits; this is how he and wave met. wave's father, terramar, was there for most of wave's childhood but he also lived part-time in seaquestria working as a fisherman, so he would often not be at his ponyville home. after wave ripple was born, however, terramar became a part-time GEPS delegate and would take her on trips to the summits to spend more time with his daughter. wave ripple and high tide first met during one of their trips to a summit, and were fast friends (wave ripple even took to calling tide her 'big brother'). they still maintain a close friendship, and wave ripple helps support tide's band.

both of them being hybrids, neither of them really knew growing up if they would get a cutie mark. in the end, high tide never ends up getting one (which he's perfectly content with), but wave ripple does, which makes her family (especially scootaloo and gabby~) really happy.


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