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Octavia [Part 4]
Commission for evil-spudman

- 4k on Patreon
- feed me if you want :I
suggestive129470 artist:anthroponiessfm1230 octavia melody22574 anthro233242 plantigrade anthro27825 3d65341 apron3846 ass43146 backwards cutie mark3091 barefoot24939 breasts245166 busty octavia2172 cake8951 clothes413903 feet35539 female1181846 finger in mouth569 food62063 kitchen1578 looking at you147375 naked apron886 sexy25154 solo981022 solo female168795 source filmmaker39759 the ass was fat12723 treblebutt618


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Background Pony #EA3C
Octavia: Oh master your just in time. I've made your favorite dessert. Shall we eat together or do you want me to use the fork for you?

Octavia sits on your lap as she does the fork work for you. Having your hot servant on your lap is the way to enjoy for dessert time.💋💖🎻🎼
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