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Twilight and Tempest/ Fizzlepop Cleaning up after a long day work out.

Also If you guys find a Good Bathroom Background. I might used it and will Credit the original Owner.
safe (1504995) artist:ejlightning007arts (714) fizzlepop berrytwist (7530) tempest shadow (13863) twilight sparkle (272803) pony (781864) unicorn (235003) bath (2501) bathtub (1366) broken horn (11574) bubble bath (290) claw foot bathtub (267) cute (163629) eye scar (4041) female (829180) horn (32813) lesbian (87602) scar (9515) shipping (174895) simple background (317300) tempestlight (2589) transparent background (165377) vector (69507) wet (6564) wet mane (4661)


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"Fizzle! I told you to keep them closed until I'm finished washing out your mane!" D:(

…I-I a silly pony, a-and I think of s-silly things. <:3