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Hello everyone,
not really a Comic Sins entry this time, but another small silly thing Snoopy and I worked on XD You see… a few weeks ago, Snoopy showed me his newest gadget: An IPad Pro and oh my gosh, I felt so jealous… well… aside from the fact of it being very handy and responsive with its quality, it also has many features that I could dream of XD aaah

Therefore, he borrowed me his IPad pro to try it out and doodle something on it. This funny face was the result, only the lineart but still, I had fun trying it XD He coloured it in the end as some kind as practice, as well XD Ever since he is working on drawings with this sweet baby. Meep… Want one.. XD Buuuuut expensive.

I still feel happy for him and hope he has lots of fun with it in the future

Hope you like this cute little thingy of and me^^

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