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don’t be a show-off
safe (1375084)artist:witchtaunter (217)fluttershy (177317)rainbow dash (197135)equestria girls (151093)abs (7148)adorasexy (7020)belly (19471)belly button (57497)clothes (337895)colored pupils (7274)cute (138999)eye clipping through hair (1807)lidded eyes (16936)miniskirt (3247)muscles (7722)muscleshy (327)sexy (16948)shirt (15917)shirt lift (2146)shyabetes (8696)six pack (29)skirt (29905)


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Background Pony #F32C

You two do realize that most artists often depict Rainbow Dash as flat or near flat. Even funnier since at the same time there are plenty of artists who depict Fluttershy as having the biggest size of all the six.
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Happy Derpy!
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Hidden depths.

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