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safe1767595 artist:acesential3 artist:jargon scott2604 princess cadance33370 queen chrysalis35715 alicorn235739 changeling50480 changeling queen18093 pony1027488 adorable distress564 cute207733 cutedance1298 d:468 duo66093 everything is ruined341 eyes on the prize5618 female1416643 food74001 frown23864 hoof hold8792 horrified653 mare509858 meat1988 no pupils4273 open mouth157734 peetzer124 pepperoni433 pepperoni pizza418 pineapple453 pineapple pizza82 pizza2033 pure unfiltered evil1770 solo focus17739 spread wings58041 that pony sure does love pizza124 underhoof54426 wat19584 wide eyes17531 window9081 wings126322


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Beau Skunky
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Cute wittle skunku
@Carter Resado  
Truthfully, it’s not bad, but it’s not my favorite pizza.  
I prefer spinach & garlic pizza, which I’m sure sounds bad to everybody else, but it’s surprisingly good, and some vegetables work great on pizza.
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Your fetish is weird
@Background Pony #8317  
I said most people who hate it haven’t tried it. You told me people don’t care about my opinion, despite obviously caring. That’s not a debate.  
Either way, I’m done with this. You’re either trolling or can’t handle people liking things you don’t like. Reply if you want, I won’t read it.  
Peace out
Background Pony #A3F1
I don’t think you know what a debate is…  
Learn to pronounce  
a discussion on a particular topic, in which opposing arguments are put forward.  
Similar: discussion, exchange of views, discourse, argument, dispute
argue about (a subject), especially in a formal manner.
I know. I am also finding it difficult to describe your poor comments as such, but by definition you’re debating.
Background Pony #A3F1
I never said I didn’t care. Just that it’s not a valid argument. You really aren’t very good at debate, are you?
-you make up statistics  
-you try to use invalid debate  
-you miss the message and points of the other person
The sad part is this is just opinion. You can’t actually be wrong for liking pineapple pizza, but your efforts to try to convince others to like it is horrendous…
Background Pony #A3F1
@Background Pony #8317
I don’t give a single solitary fuck what Gordon Ramsay thinks about any topic
Fantastic, we don’t give a solitary fuck what your video game picture says either. That was the entire reason why I made the post.
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Source? I’ve tried it, I hate on it. I mean you can eat it, you shouldn’t care about the opinions of others if you enjoy something, but to justify that “ohh the only reason people don’t like it is they’ve never tried it!” is false.