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safe1599807 oc616262 oc:heartstrong flare80 oc:king calm merriment105 oc:king speedy hooves285 oc:tommy the human436 alicorn202558 human145200 comic:fusing the fusions186 comic:the bastion of canterlot36 alicorn oc23138 argument752 canterlot5297 canterlot castle1943 cape9353 clothes419413 comic102299 commissioner:bigonionbean1676 conductor hat63 confusion198 cutie mark42905 dialogue60158 family4083 fat ass254 father and son819 flank1318 fusion4707 fusion:heartstrong flare80 fusion:king calm merriment105 fusion:king speedy hooves286 goggles13263 gymnasium104 hanging on24 hat78290 human oc442 jumping3077 kissing22768 magic67370 male338274 petting1701 plot72292 potion1888 scared9584 shocked expression693 sketch58316 spread wings48976 stallion95830 thicc ass925 uncle and nephew66 uniform9589 wings84115 wonderbolts3408 wonderbolts uniform5475 writer:bigonionbean1412


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