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Dusty Hooves

    Rainbow Dash was secretly disappointed when her and Daring Do’s first child was born an earth pony (a genetic pass down from Daring’s genes). Rainbow had been fantasizing about teaching the little baby how to fly and race but now that dream just seemed to be shattered but she still loved the little dusty colored colt and to her surprise he definitely inherited his mothers’ sense of adventure and apparently her need for speed. Dusty was up and running before he could even crawl and always getting into tight spaces or trouble. Dash and Daring had their hooves full with him. And as he got older Dusty charged at everything headfirst, often literally, and quickly grew into doing parkour and challenging pegasi to obstacle races in order to improve he speed and agility. He gets his cutie mark early, and as an adult takes up the role of archeologist/adventurer like Daring was. However he’s not nearly as good in the word department so he relays his quest to Daring and she creates novels for him.


    Sundance as an early teenager, when she was still a younger child she went with her Aunt Applejack and cousin Lady Alice to Dodge Junction so AJ could talk business with Cherry Jubilee. During their visit AJ and Cherry took all the children to the rodeo that Cherry’s husband Troubleshoes ran and Sundance was thrilled to see all the cool activities and shows put on throughout the day and quickly became enamored with the idea of being apart of it all. The Apples made and effort to bring their children to the rodeo and Sundance found her place in the show. She would run the nightly hoedown being the lead singer/dancer for the event but she occasionally participated in some of the day events like barrel racing and the like. She loved the life and eventually settles in Dodge Junction full time and acts as liaison for Cherry and AJ when the two are too busy to meet in person.


    A grown Moondancer, she knew she wasn’t fit to rule Equestria that there was too much bad blood between the citizens and her feelings. But from the moment she gained her cutie mark, Moondancer knew she wanted to dance and so she set her eyes on the Canterlot Ballet Theater, one of the world’s most renowned ballet companies. She practices all her life, her best friend and later lover, Snow Candy, behind her every step of the way and when she gets accepted into the prestigious company she continues to fight her way to the top until she becomes their principal dancer. Snow operates as more of a stay at home dad but he does occasionally collaborate with his wife and composes pieces for her shows, she never dances better than to one of his melodies and she’s a haunting beauty to behold. Mooney’s adult life is much more peaceful than her troubled youth and she and her siblings made relations with Equestria’s nightly creatures improve by leaps and bounds.

Winter Wonder
    Winter Wonder was born mute and grew up listening much more than communicating, his mothers made sure he could horn write and his magic would allow him to communicate through paper or pictures but he often found the exercise useless among hyperactive and self centered ponies who wouldn’t slow down to really understand him. He never quite fit in among his peers and left home at an early age to see the further reaches of Equestria and see if he could find a place where he felt at peace. His travels carried him north past even the Crystal Empire  where one night he came to rest upon a mountain cliff with a beautiful starry sky on display. He found comfort in the cold and quiet experiencing a clarity that didn’t come from being with ponies. That is until a purple mare approached him and was willing to really understand him, they went back to her village and Winter fell in love with the atmosphere and her. He’s quite bashful but enjoys the kind villages he’s settled in.
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