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Some of butt and boobs physics tests.  
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suggestive159885 artist:eqamrd380 princess celestia100720 anthro292514 3d91389 3ds max244 alternate hair color324 animated106520 ass59018 big breasts96107 both cutie marks11753 bouncing5435 bouncing breasts4237 breasts315593 busty princess celestia11354 butt135829 butt only2586 butt shake1500 faceless female1922 female1501927 gif35621 head out of frame722 huge butt11725 hypnotic87 jiggle1990 large butt21407 loop5976 mare557617 nudity419649 offscreen character39735 pink-mane celestia2784 praise the sun2162 raised arm376 raised tail18498 rear view15450 rearboob1126 sexy34342 sideboob11812 solo1183605 solo female195592 sunbutt4557 tail49157 the ass was fat16731 weapons-grade sexy104 wings149053


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Background Pony #83F0
Anon:I definitely want to preform a sexy Buttjob,anal,and vaginal with Molestia! Wouldn’t you agree,my fellow bronies?
Background Pony #F6BA
Yeah Celistia jiggle that butt and bring it closer so i can spank it  
Celistia: I’m so glad you love
Background Pony #F090
Oh yeah Celly, jiggle that butt, bring it closer so I can spank ya.
Celestia truly has the most beautiful butt in the whole world.
Celestia: I so glad you love my butt sweetheart. Go ahead and squeeze and kiss it.