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"This ain't no place for no hero"

I had an idea that was inspired by the trailer for Borderlands 2. I still remember when that one came out back in the day and it was bloody amazing. Welp, now waiting till spring 2020 for Borderlands 3. I wonder how the game will come out like :p
safe1614267 artist:awgear114 oc626143 oc:blackjack2435 pony881799 unicorn284693 fallout equestria15798 fallout equestria: project horizons2811 3d67644 ace of spades45 angry24969 black and red mane30 borderlands342 borderlands 2208 card2675 fallout3200 gun15048 levitation11133 magic68357 playing card512 queen of spades46 red and black mane73 red eyes5485 security56 security armor97 security guard180 shotgun1413 source filmmaker41079 telekinesis25608 weapon28391 white coat279


not provided yet


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