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safe (1425871)artist:starry5643 (302)king sombra (11668)princess cadance (28061)princess flurry heart (5510)shining armor (20055)alicorn (162739)pony (694088)unicorn (202202)the beginning of the end (1727)spoiler:s09e01 (1406)armor (18725)black and white (9654)comic (89256)crown (10677)dialogue (50495)female (757676)filly (50328)gay (22682)grayscale (31206)holding back (13)innuendo (908)jewelry (38823)levitation (8638)magic (57308)magic aura (1876)male (257047)mare (333905)monochrome (134299)raspberry (786)regalia (12182)shiningsombra (128)shipping (164049)simple background (290011)sombra's horn (293)stallion (72684)teeth (6393)telekinesis (20626)tongue out (75579)transparent background (151479)wat (17543)white background (71952)


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Feathercutie~ ❤
I-I said it before, but…a-at this point I-i think it’s obvious t-that all these "invasions" a-are just a cover-up for t-this obvious love affair. ^^

Dat King is into dat Sugarprince~ <3 ;3
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