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safe1602044 artist:starry5643318 king sombra12990 princess cadance30813 princess flurry heart6524 shining armor21901 alicorn203057 pony870545 unicorn279666 the beginning of the end2004 armor22101 black and white12074 comic102430 crown14880 dialogue60253 female1274411 filly60879 gay25274 grayscale35504 holding back21 innuendo1301 jewelry54111 levitation10971 magic67540 magic aura3244 male339043 mare433535 monochrome143894 raspberry913 regalia17368 shiningsombra148 shipping186446 simple background355175 sombra horn428 stallion96168 teeth7954 telekinesis25216 tongue out93385 wat18557 white background88854


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Gone to Ponybooru
I-I said it before, but…a-at this point I-i think it's obvious t-that all these "invasions" a-are just a cover-up for t-this obvious love affair.

Dat King is into dat Sugarprince~ <3 ;3