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Spring is here, so why not submit a shipping picture I meant to finish in February?

I reeeeally wanted to "update" my previous Dawnverse shipping picture here since I changed up the canon a little bit, and this is the result!

These are just some of the Dawnverse ships I really like and/or are canon in some way: some remained the same since last year, and some have changed because it works better. Below is some information on these pairs:

*(Rated PG-13 for more lewd references. Y'all been warned.)*

Feather Dart and Dawn Dreamer’s relationship started out as a long term friendship blossoming from their infancies. Princess Twilight Sparkle, being the Princess of Friendship, wanted her daughter to make as many friends as possible, and of course her daughter’s first friends would be the children of her own best friends. Since the days they could walk, Dawn and Dart (the son of Rainbow Dash), along with Pinni Pie (daughter of Pinkie Pie), became close friends. The three ponies experienced the firsts of life together: the first day of school, their first lost teeth, their first detentions, and etcetera. As the three ponies grew older (and later added Lightning Spark to their friend group), Dawn and Dart began seeing each other as more than friends: from dorky middle school crushes to fallen hard in love teenagers, Dawn and Dart both realized they did not want to ever leave the other. However, both ponies kept their feelings secret in fear of losing their friendship, much to the frustration of their friends Pinni and Spark who clearly saw their friends pine over the other. Eventually, after the most awkward first date set up by their friends, Dawn and Dart finally blurted out their feelings at the same time, laughing at the mutual feelings. From this point forward to the present, Dawn and Dart are a lovey-dovey couple, much to the delight and relief of everyone that knows the two ponies.
Fun Facts:

- This ship is my OTP and 100% canon.
- Throughout their entire friendship, Feather constantly teased Dawn by either using her title or simply calling the unicorn "Princess". Dawn does not like when any other pony uses her official title, and is even sometimes
irritated when Feather uses it; however, she usually lets Feather get away with his teasing since she loves the stallion.
- Both mothers of the ponies are thrilled for their children being involved: Rainbow Dash loves teasing her son about his previous reluctance on "getting the girl", meanwhile Twilight already has a "wedding binder" planned, just in case. Both mothers are patiently waiting for grandbabies.
- Dawn and Dart are huge dorks about their relationship: they act like friends one moment, then showing mushy PDA in the most public way.
- The pair love to cuddle and would rather spend the night reading under a blanket than going out on the town.
Pinnie Pie and Lightning Spark did not originally see themselves as anything more than friends: Pinni never felt the need to “find a stallion” to feel complete, while Spark seemed to enjoy the company of multiple mares and couldn’t settle on one. However, love seems to find a way, or rather boredom and “no f*cks given” find a way. With their best friends dating, it only seemed like a matter of time before Pinni and Spark tried a relationship, and surprisingly to both ponies it is a successful relationship. Unlike their lovey-dovey friends, Pinni and Spark seem to thrive from friendly competition and the physical aspects of their partnership. The two ponies always seem to feel “anything you can do I can do better” and base many dates on proving themselves to each other, the night often ending with a draw. Sometimes both ponies’ stubborn streaks get the better of them and after a brief fight they decide on a “break”; however, these small interludes do not seem to last too long, and both ponies get together again. After all, despite his “cassanova”, Spark loves the color pink, and Pinni enjoys a good challenge.

Fun Facts:

- Pinni and Spark view their relationship as more "friends with benefits" with a competative/romantic twist rather than something they feel would be long lasting.
- Spark loves showing off flying moves to Pinni, while Pinni enjoys letting Spark try one of her spicy curry dishes.
- Despite the on-and-off again feel of the relationship, most ponies who know Pinni and Spark feel that they will eventually settle down. Both the Wonderbolts Reserve team and the Tasty Treat kitchen team have betting pools on what day the two will finally settle down together.
- Although he claims to be a cassanova, it is actually Spark who wants to be more serious with the relationship, even if he sometimes slips up.
- I totally made a hypothetical NNG for these two here. </span>
Usually the prince tries to win the princess; however, with Amethyst Swirl and Prince Shinning Breeze, it is the other way around. One day while visiting Dawn, Amy managed to literally run into the Crystal Prince who also happened to be visiting his cousin, and since then the purple unicorn has been determined to bring out the “hidden fire” within the pink pegasus with adventures and crass humor. Amy loves telling Breeze of her daring adventures through the dark and dangerous jungles or barren deserts, and then insists on Breeze to join her, and she does not exactly take no for an answer, sometimes beckoning on the prince at his home in the Crystal Empire. Now of course Amy would never do anything that endangered the prince nor do anything without his permission. Honestly, Breeze enjoys the attention from the purple unicorn and the chance to do something outside of the comfort and normalcy of the castle: he secretly craves adventure. Together, the two ponies face steep flights down cliffs, crumbling ruins with daring means of escape, and a thrill of adrenaline at the end of an adventure, followed by a friendly dinner and post-dinner cuddle at the Crystal Palace. Both ponies seem to bring the better out of each other: Amy gives Breeze the chance to free himself from the quiet of his familys’ shadows, while Breeze gives Amy grounding and even support for when the purple unicorn needs to cool off. Plus, Amy LOVES making her little nerdy and proper pegasus prince blush with her dirty jokes.

Fun Facts:

- Dawn Dreamer does not know of her cousin's secret desire for adventure, and so is quite confused on how her quiet cousin gets along so well with her…boisterous friends.
- Shinning Breeze is an innocent cinnamon roll and fails at recuperating Amy's more salacious comments.
- Although she loves anything daring and out there, Amy does enjoy down time with Breeze: the two ponies seem to enjoy tea times, walks in the crystal gardens, and the occasional romp leisurely naps.
- Princess Mi Amore "Cadence" Cadenza and Prince Shinning Armor absolutely adore Amy and her wonderful tales of adventure: they fully approve of their son's special pony, even if they have no clue as to what the two ponies do exactly.
safe1639794 artist:ganashiashaka90 oc643317 oc only426954 oc:aegis frost5 oc:amethyst swirl5 oc:dawn dreamer11 oc:feather dart8 oc:freckle trick5 oc:harvest dusk3 oc:lightning spark20 oc:macoun apple5 oc:moonstone voice3 oc:pinni8 oc:serena51 oc:shining breeze6 earth pony224257 pegasus266201 pony905431 unicorn295631 adopted offspring1012 female1305502 magical lesbian spawn11117 male351259 mare449972 offspring36277 palindrome get1055 parent:applejack3574 parent:big macintosh2883 parent:cheese sandwich1686 parent:clear skies12 parent:fluttershy4425 parent:maud pie393 parent:oc13 parent:pinkie pie3806 parent:princess cadance1467 parent:princess celestia1984 parent:rainbow dash5235 parent:rarity3839 parent:rockhoof64 parent:shining armor1278 parent:soarin'2293 parent:starlight glimmer1315 parent:sugar belle352 parent:sunburst1014 parent:thunderlane530 parent:trixie1738 parent:twilight sparkle7846 parent:zephyr breeze641 parents:cheesepie1446 parents:rarilane94 parents:shiningcadance892 parents:soarinjack138 parents:starmaud32 parents:sugarmac223 parents:twiburst207 parents:zephdash99 stallion100706


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Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta
Macoun “Mack” Apple was the first pony Scruff met when he arrived in Ponyville: the two passed each other on the road while Mack was out delivering apples and Scruff merely walking by with his social worker. Upon seeing the bat pony looking at him with his yellow eyes, Mack immediately grew flustered at the mysterious newcomer. After a moment of eye contact, the two ponies did not cross paths again until the next day when Mack saw the bat pony at school where the earth pony served as a familiar face to Scruff. Since then, the two ponies hung out almost daily, Scruff enjoying the company of a nice pony for once and Mack both fascinated by the bat pony and genuinely enjoying the company while working on the family farm. Mack also aids Scruff in adjusting to living among new ponies, including being the bat pony’s school tutor. Mack is the only pony Scruff shares his poetry with, and Mack feel comfortable blurting out his passion for science. The two ponies seem to understand each other and bond over themselves being “misunderstood” stallions. Both ponies confide their vulnerabilities in each other and help each other get over them. Their friendship seems to teeter on hidden romantic feelings based in caring for each other; however, Mack is too nervous to say anything, while Scruff is too cool to admit to feelings, although this does not stop the bat pony from making his earth pony friend blush at least once a week.

Fun Facts:

- Both Mack and Scruff learn of their bisexual orientations in crushing on each other hard. Scruff does not seem to care either way; however, Mack seems to have difficulty grasping his "non-traditional" feelings until one day when his mother Applejack tells of her own bisexuality.
- Mack is an innocent farm boy and blushes at the mere mention of anything even slightly crass, lewd, or vulgar. Scruff enjoys making his friend blush redder than the apples on the family farm.
- Both ponies try to encourage the other to pursue their passions: Mack tries to get Scruff to share his poetry, while Scruff tries to get Mack to open up about his passion for science.</span> MoonTrick
Moonstone Voice never thought any pony could compare with him in performance and movement, at least until he faced off with Freckle Trick. At first contact, Moonstone felt Freckle to be a silly rodeo showoff with nothing better to do than perform to muddy rowdy ponies; meanwhile Freckle felt that Moonstone was a pompous pony whose audience needs a translator just to understand his confusing movements. However, it seemed that behind the harsh words was genuine respect for each other that grew into a friendship based in artistic competition and cooperation. Although both ponies still seem to see the other’s performances the same as their first encounter, they take criticisms with laughter, and Freckle giving Moonstone a pretty wink. On the outside, their friendship is just that: a friendship. However, underneath friendly artistic competition, Moonstone holds a fluttering heart for his first real crush. Whether Freckle feels the same for his friend or not is up in the air, and whether he knows of his friend’s feelings is also a mystery; however, Freckle does not hide his enjoyment from making Moonstone blush and ramble about his newest artistic movement, aka dance.

Aegis Frost and Princess Serena met at a young age: both ponies lived in the Canterlot Royal Castle and played together in the Royal Gardens and attended early school together. However, despite their childhood closeness, Aegis and Serena lived in completely different worlds: Aegis was the son of a Royal Guard and performer, while Serena was the daughter of the Sun Princess. From this, their destinies would eventually diverge as Aegis left the castle in one night and Serena began her royal studies. Years passed before the two ponies saw each other again, and both ponies changed. After completing basic training at the Royal Guard Academy, Aegis began his service at the Canterlot Royal Castle in honor of his father, where the young unicorn gained his assignment in guarding Princess Serena. Meanwhile, Serena gained her own in being a political diplomatic lesion for her mother. At first, Serena did not recognize her once childhood friend who seemed to grow depressed and even darker since their foal days; however, Aegis never forgot his dear sunny friend who always seemed to light up any room with her presence. Despite his warmth and memories with the princess, Aegis always put duty before his own feelings, vowing to protect Princess Serena. Although she accepted the fact that their friendship came second to duty, Serena never shook the feeling of warmth for her friend Aegis, and she frequently tries to bring her old friend back from his guarding shell. Occasionally, in the dark of the shadows and away from watching eyes, Aegis sometimes lets his old self return to his friend Serena; however, Aegis quickly returns to his sole duty once he sees himself slipping away. Maybe some day Aegis will fully open himself up to Serena and her warmth; however, there may also come a day where the grey unicorn may have to die for her, and he above all does not want her to feel remorse in case that fateful moment comes.

Fun Facts:

- Aegis and Serena are similar to star-crossed lovers: they care for each other deeply, however cannot be together due to something beyond their control, in this case duty over feelings.
- Serena loves singing her father's old ballads, sung to her as a little filly, and often sings when she is alone in her chambers thinking no one would hear them. This is Aegis's favorite part of his guard duties.
- While on trips to foreign lands, Serena always insists on only having one guard, Aegis, with her for a swifter journey. When her request is granted, Serena tries for many opportunities for time alone with Aegis so he may relax and find comfort in her company. This has only worked a few times since Aegis tries with all his might to never let his guard down.