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safe (1410570)artist:moozua (188)pinkie pie (187021)chubby (11314)clothes (349670)cute (144663)diapinkes (6697)earth pony (142827)female (744185)floppy ears (40651)mare (326039)one eye closed (19841):p (5711)pink background (1609)pony (675889)silly (6373)simple background (285760)sitting (45262)smiling (179674)socks (48309)solo (865402)striped socks (16378)tongue out (74435)wink (18347)

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There is no word to describe how much I love this image, this this is beautiful, I want this framed in my house this is art, I LOVE this pinkie pie. Moozua you are incredible thank you for this.
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