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Unofficial Rule of Making Pony Art #56: You will eventually end up making your own version of the milkshake scene.

Here is mine, a quick doodle I made in-between projects, featuring three adorable little fillies who I'm sure would have a lot in common with each other ;3;

Made free-hand on MS Paint. Shown at 500x magnification.

MLP: FIM copyright Lauren Faust and Hasbro Studios.
safe1555924 artist:8-bitbrony27 starlight glimmer43008 sunset shimmer56689 trixie61171 pony827104 unicorn257786 cute173389 daaaaaaaaaaaw3042 diatrixes2694 drink4244 drinking2956 drinking straw518 female880215 filly58414 filly starlight glimmer438 filly sunset164 filly trixie202 glimmerbetes3301 hnnng2238 magical trio429 mare404503 milkshake1395 pixel art9233 shimmerbetes3865 simple background338011 smiling209963 table8016 trio7113 younger15468


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