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This is my suggestion and a request for any of the MLP fanfiction writers could take or think over. Since I have seen some crossovers of My Little Pony and Disney, I thought I would give the Equestria Girls universe a crossover with Treasure Planet.

Also since MLP has musical numbers I think some fansongs that are inspired by those from Muppet Treasure Island would tune in.

I agree this may not be one of my best works but it was very hard to make because there hadn’t been perfect pngs of the Treasure Planet characters, even if it would’ve been easier for you if you got A Disney Sticker Book Treasury V to scan the Treasure Planet stickers on.

who would take this request or see this suggestion as inspiration for more MLP/Disney crossovers?
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that would also be cool, especially since the direction the EG series seems to be going in seems to involve the Humane 7 becoming superheroes and there was already a short of the Humane 7 doing superhero things in a comic Sunset Shimmer was drawing and writing.
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