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Background Pony #9AB7
@Spiked Punch
It’s all true, and this is coming from a 22 year old college guy. : ( but hey it’s a cartoon. I could always imagine I was spike. : D
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Spiked Punch's avatar
Spiked Punch
Thus the reason so many fanboys hate Spike, even though they try to hide it by making up excuses such as not liking "the character" himself. Its really pathetic if you think.

Either they’re ridiculously jealous of him, or hate him because he’s the one prominent male character that hangs around with all the female ponies, which most of said fanboys would either want to be with themselves, or actually imagine them as lesbians. So either way, Spike is an obstacle for their fantasies.
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Background Pony #F8F1
I’ve had a friend looong time ago. There was no problem just to hug her without any particular reason. That’s how friendship works
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Background Pony #D034
The weirdest that is that no one has done a drawing or gif yet of Spike humping Twilight’s leg after the latest episode.
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