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Liaaqila hit it out of the park with this amazing commission of Bon Bon and Fleur teaming up to give Lyra a checkup.
safe (1398031)artist:liaaqila (514)bon bon (14317)fleur-de-lis (2939)lyra heartstrings (25666)sweetie drops (14308)equestria girls (154621)adorabon (254)belly button (58326)black underwear (2833)blood pressure (2)bra (11973)breasts (195902)checkup (11)cleavage (26625)clothes (345240)cute (142497)exam table (2)eye clipping through hair (2048)fleurabetes (31)lyrabetes (694)panties (40602)scrubs (55)stethoscope (279)traditional art (94321)underwear (48459)


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16 comments posted
It is? I suppose a bit because almost-nudity.

Looking at this more I friggin love Lyra’s hair here. It looks like it’s a little ruffled up here because she pulled her shirt off. I was stupidly happy last time I commissioned this artist. I really want to do it again now.
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