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Bone Meal: holds out a decaying heart to Laurel I give my heart to you…well not MY heart actually but oh boy this was pretty hard to get but I got it for you, hell I would give you all the hearts I could get my hooves on

Golden Laurel: Oh M-M-My trying not to be sick

Commission for me
semi-grimdark29841 artist:rosefang1686 oc675586 oc only443449 oc:bone meal (ice1517)2 oc:golden laurel (ice1517)2 angel pony100 demon2870 demon pony1278 original species24900 pegasus286159 pony953370 angel938 anklet898 bat wings9121 blue background5001 bracelet9228 chest fluff38288 choker11776 colored sclera684 decaying30 ear piercing25775 earring20772 eyeshadow15323 facial hair5772 fangs24884 female1349627 goatee1494 halo1678 heart47771 horns5821 jewelry62242 leg fluff2979 makeup21041 male367874 mare473701 markings1572 nose piercing2659 nose ring2113 oc x oc15215 open mouth142828 piercing40439 raised hoof44939 shipping198307 shrunken pupils3079 simple background388504 spiked choker1576 stallion106876 straight134933 wings104415 wristband3566


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@icey wicey 1517
Oh! That's interesting to hear! Does the angel have certain ways she helps souls out?
(I understand if you haven't thought that far for this question. I just like talking about how, say in one au how something works, but in another au it does something else! :)

@icey wicey 1517
Ah okay! Was just wondering because some angel/demon ocs I've seen, in there story they were once Alive before ending up in the after life.

Do this two help the souls from the mortal world?

@icey wicey 1517
Yeah…I mean minus needing a name, the peguases angel has no background

Also, what's the story of the two ocs in the pic as well? We're they mortals once or always an angel and demon? Just wondering! :)