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Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom…
safe1556693 composite screencap131 edit114730 edited screencap54054 screencap195343 cozy glow5672 grogar1194 king sombra12544 lord tirek4653 queen chrysalis31924 centaur2528 changeling39135 changeling queen11239 pegasus232872 pony827825 umbrum1095 the beginning of the end1888 bare tree74 cavern261 crystal ball474 evil lair207 female880950 grogar's lair206 lair219 legion of doom252 male299476 moss103 panorama231 ram589 roots79 ruins1052 scenery7076 stallion90518 swamp420 tree26897 underground152


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Background Pony #6F29
The ruins of Tambelon, perhaps?

Guess we'll find out the exact name of this location as the season progresses….
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