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safe1901943 screencap247944 applejack183761 fluttershy231742 pinkie pie233232 rainbow dash253487 rarity198087 twilight sparkle324893 alicorn261189 earth pony331333 pegasus375060 pony1249404 unicorn412315 the beginning of the end2312 discovery family logo11859 female1538882 floppy ears61339 gasp1120 hooves on cheeks312 horrified720 mane six34489 mare579260 open mouth184075 reaction image9863 shocked8394 shrunken pupils4560 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134831


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Background Pony #9A44
My reaction when I see these  
(For the people who don’t know who those people are ) The first 2 images are “Nightmare faces” of the scarecrow and the Joker and the last image is the scarecrow from the new batman adventures