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Flame To Fire

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Thinking about this for a long time :)

I like those Flutterbat and Applejack jokes :D ;)
Maybe a ship: FlutterbatJack :D


Base by
safe1588473 artist:porygon2z903 artist:rozyfly1059 applejack160042 fluttershy199947 bat pony43327 earth pony206514 pony860249 appleshy1169 bat ponified2119 bat wings6551 bedroom eyes53350 fangs21896 female1228772 flutterbat6455 lesbian90527 lidded eyes27328 lying down10567 mare427807 pinned486 pinned down225 race swap12795 red eyes5253 shipping184821 simple background349903 smiling218680 smirk11175 transparent background181498 wings81829


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