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Magic science studying ain’t easy even for genius

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safe (1341981)artist:ladychimaera (42)starlight glimmer (34488)twilight sparkle (245753)shadow play (1085)alicorn (146424)anthro (186157)book (24841)breasts (183761)clothes (327975)cute (132220)desk (2150)duo (34658)eyes closed (62069)female (681534)glimmerbetes (2649)mare (296760)morning ponies (1227)nail polish (5358)sleeping (17961)stretching (1682)tired (2188)twiabetes (7125)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (93854)unguligrade anthro (34544)unicorn (173941)yawn (1070)


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Background Pony #1076
While I quite like this, the view from above Starlight’s head makes her look kinda muppet-y.
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